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Health and medicine trade in the Pacific

The healthcare and medical equipment import-export industries in the Pacific are crucial to the countries’ capability to provide quality healthcare services.

Developed countries such as New Zealand and Australia import medical instruments as part of their initiative to develop healthcare services. In 2019, Australia spent $2.29 Billion and New Zealand spent $395 Million on medical instruments, making these their 10th and 11th most imported products for that year.

In 2020, total world imports and exports of medical goods, equipment, and devices ballooned to $2,343 Billion. This value is a significant 16% growth compared to the previous year. Among the most traded products during this year include personal protective products (47.2%), medical supplies (18.8%), and medicine (9.8%). International trade processes and regulations help streamline the delivery of these products to the countries in most need.

The flow of medical instruments into the Pacific is critical to the health of the countries in the region. Hence, it is key for importers of medical instruments to have affordable and reliable business payment solutions to settle their international transactions.

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