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We are your Pacific currency specialist!

We are a leading provider of foreign currency and travel money in the Pacific. We can handle all Pacific Island currencies offering you better rates than others in the market.

Our customers benefit from our set of superior offering – market-leading rates, zero fees and no commission + availability of more than 60 foreign currencies in our network.

We offer unparalleled convenience with strategically located flagships in or near airports, town centres, shopping malls, hotels, cruise ship terminals, travel agencies, duty free shops, restaurants & cafes.

We also offer additional convenience with our online channel offering money exchange service via the web, currently available in New Zealand ( and Fiji (

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    Need foreign currency? Great rates available at our retail Locations

    Holiday travel is made more convenient with our branches in key airports in the region – Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, Tonga, American Samoa. If you miss the airport, there are more than 100 branches of No1Currency ready to serve in shopping malls, near restaurants and cafes, hotels, and town centres in nine countries in the Pacific..

    Our trading hours are usually much longer than typical banking hours and numerous branches are open even on weekends. In most cases, we operate 24/7 in our airport branches.

    We have a steady supply of popular currencies like USD, AUD, NZD, Euro and even exotic ones from Asia, Europe, and Middle East. We are ready to serve your foreign currency needs where and when you need them.

    No time to go to our store? Book your foreign currency online

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