Advancing trade in the Pacific

Fexco Pacific helps importers and exporters with great rates on cross-border business payments.

The Fexco Pacific Business Payments service enables businesses to quickly and easily pay for goods and services across borders throughout the world in a variety of Pacific and international currencies.

Fexco Pacific Business Payments make electronic international business transactions as fast, convenient, and competitive as possible. It the ideal payments service for importers and exporters.

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    Helping Importers and Exporters with Great Rates on Cross-border Business Payments


    Enjoy great rates when making business payments to:
    • Australia (AUD)
    • Canada (CAD)
    • China (CNY)
    • Europe (EURO)
    • Fiji (FJD)
    • United Kingdom (GBP)
    • JAPAN (JPY)
    • New Zealnd (NZD)
    • Singapore (SGD)
    • Solomon Islands (SBD)
    • Tonga (TOP)
    • USA (USD)
    • Vanuatu (VUV)
    • Samoa (WST)
    And many more currencies available...
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    Serving businesses from various industries
    Helping SMEs with great rates on cross-border business payments

    You may avail of our Business Payments service in these countries.

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