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No1 Currency gives you more choices

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COVID-19 changed how we do things, from our simple tasks we do at home to the most tedious grocery shopping. We adhere to social distancing and stay home, if possible, to avoid spreading or catching the virus. Whether we admit it or not, this pandemic has changed the way and how we shop. We relied on the internet more than ever and have become more optimistic about online shopping. Due to lockdowns, we have learned to limit our shopping to essentials.

According to Nielsen, essential items like hygienic and medical masks grew in sales by more than 300%. Moreover, another category of consumer packaged goods that is booming is shelf-stable items. These fit into the category of people planning for long-term quarantine. Products like shelf-stable milk and milk substitutes (particularly oat milk) are up by more than 300% in dollar growth. Other items seeing increases are things like dried beans and fruit snacks that have a long shelf life. As more people access and utilize e-commerce, supermarkets launched several options to retrieve their grocery items, options like shop-online-pickup-instore or door to door delivery. Whichever options consumers choose, the main goal is to avoid the crowd.

Meanwhile, companies and businesses also shifted to digital to get the operation going and arrest the sales decline. Many brands have responded with empathy. Some clothing brands manufactured face masks while some distilleries switched to producing hand sanitizers. Webinars, free tutorials, and DIYs are rampant, aiming to interact with consumers continuously.

Transferring money or exchanging currency is also made convenient in just a tap of a finger through No1 Currency. It is the leading foreign currency exchange in the Pacific that offers great rates compared to our competitors. We offer unique service options that will suit your foreign currency requirement in the comfort of your home. We offer the following:

  • Click and Collect – If you need foreign currency, book online, and we will give you our best rate, and your money will be waiting for you to pick up in a designated branch. This is available in New Zealand and Fiji.

  • Click and Sell – If you have foreign currency that you want to exchange for the local currency, then the Click & Sell service is the option for you. Just book online, and your money will be waiting for you to pick up in a designated branch. This is available in New Zealand and Fiji.

  • Home Delivery – If you need foreign currency but are too busy or unable to go to any of our branches, the Home Delivery service is made for you. Just book online and indicate your delivery details. Your money will be delivered to your designated address. This is available in New Zealand.

You can check our online services in New Zealand and Fiji. For NZ, check us out at www.no1currency.co.nz. For Fiji, check us out at www.no1currency.com.fj