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    Vanuatu is an 83-island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. Thanks to its stunning scenery, pristine waters, and sandy beaches, Vanuatu is one of the world’s top tourist destinations.A truly unforgettable experience such as hiking up an active volcano to stand up at a crater; such an adventure like this is one of the many activities and tours on offer here in Vanuatu. Natural wonders to explore that make every moment worth the visit.

    Watch beautiful sunsets over the clear picturesque lagoons as you walk through the white sandy beaches, perfect spots for snorkelling and swimming, enjoy the beautiful culture and delicious cuisines. There is so much more to do that you wouldn’t know where to begin.

    Unwind in one of the most beautiful lagoons along white sandy beaches with water activities such as swimming, diving, snorkelling to kayaking. Explore great water caves as well as the many waterfalls that flow into natural pools. A sight so refreshing.

    What services do we offer in Vanuatu?

    Contact details of our flagship locations:

    No 1 Currency Santo

    Kaddou, Luganville,


    Phone: +678 36173 or +678 5551725 1

    Fexco Pilioko

    Pilioko Building, Lini Highway,

    Port Vila

    Phone: +678 27290 or +678 5343016

    Fexco 711

    Pilioko Building, Lini Highway,

    Port Vila

    Phone: +678 29980 or +678 5923028

    Fexco Central

    Vodafone Building, Opposite ANZ, Lini Highway,

    Port Vila

    Phone: +678 22051 or +678 5467450

    Fexco Grand

    The Pots Building, Opposite Grand Hotel, Lini Highway,

    Port Vila

    Phone: +678 28076 or +678 7776103

    Fexco Lenakel



    Phone: +678 88701

    Send and receive money at our flagship locations in Vanuatu

    Fexco Pacific offers Western Union in its numerous flagship locations in Port Vila, Santo, and Tanna.

    Refer to our Contact Details of Flagship Locations.

    Send money online from Vanuatu to the World!

    Vanuatu citizens and residents can now send money abroad to pay for international education, medical services, travel and other services.

    Click here to send money online from Vanuatu – FREE REGISTRATION


    In line with the local regulations, prior to the first use of the online service, customers are required to register on, then verify in-person with their valid government-issued ID and proof of address at selected locations. After successful verification, customers will receive a notification confirming they can now conveniently send Western Union money transfers anytime, with a few clicks, online.

    With just a few clicks, customers can then fund their transactions through bank transfers from their bank accounts set up in Vanuatu, to a Fexco Pacific bank account, for their money to be paid directly at Western Union’s more than half a million global Agent locations in more than 200 countries and territories.

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    Are you an importer or exporter? Do you need to make international payments? Are you accepting payments from abroad?

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    Cross-border payment solutions for Importers and Exporters in Vanuatu

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