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    There is plenty to do, see and explore here in the Kingdom of Tonga; an unforgettable experience for those seeking romance, adventure or family fun. A unspoilt gem giving you the perfect setting to unwind at breathtaking landscapes, clear fresh waters, amazing coral atolls and rainforests to admire as well as full lush greenery that surrounds this beauty of an island.

    Witness the beautiful taste of culture so rich in tradition portrayed through their music, art, dance and food. Explore this untouched culture with eyes and ears wide open.

    An Island rich in culture and tradition that have so much for you to do and see here in the Kingdom of Tonga. Explore breathtaking landscapes to historic local attractions and even take a dip into glorious waters.

    Take an adventure through lush rainforests as you admire the beauty of nature that also surrounds this Island to more scenic guided tours that show you landscapes as well as caves that hold an underground swimming pool. So many stories to hear and witness through tours and cultural showcases that have been passed down through the generations that tell a story about their history and culture.

    Tonga is the Pacific country most dependent on remittances. In recent World Bank data shows remittances made up nearly 33 percent of Tonga’s GDP in 2015. This ranked it fourth in the world in terms of reliance on remittances.

    What services do we offer in Tonga?

    Contact details of our retail locations:

    Fexco Tonga Head Office

    Federal Pacific House, Taufa'ahau Rd,

    Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu

    Phone: 676 24345

    Talamahu Market Office

    Talamahu Market, One Way Rd/Salote Rd, Kolofo'ou,

    Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu

    Phone: 676 26000

    Ma’ufanga Office

    Fakafanua Centre, Vuna Rd, Ma'ufanga,

    Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu

    Phone: 676 21385

    Queen Salote Office

    Miki Building, Hihifo Road, Opposite Queen Salote College,

    Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu

    Phone: 676 28603

    Poutaha Office

    Jones Industries Building, Taufa'ahau Rd, Poutaha,

    Tofoa, Tongatapu

    Phone: 676 29900

    Vaini Office

    Amelia Pale Store, Taufa'ahau Rd, Vaini,

    Hahake, Tongatapu

    Phone: 676 37777

    Tatakamotonga Office

    Fatu Hall, Taufa'ahau Rd, Tatakamotonga,

    Hahake, Tongatapu

    Phone: 676 31268

    Nukunuku Office

    Tu’ivakano Polutele Hall, Hihifo Road, Nukunuku,

    Hihifo, Tongatapu

    Phone: 676 41789

    Vava’u Office

    BSP Building, Hala Tu'i,

    Neiafu, Vava’u

    Phone: 676 70888

    Ha’apai Office

    Tonga Visitors Bureau Building, Hala Holopeka,

    Pangai, Ha’apai

    Phone: 676 60798

    ‘Eua Office

    Malau Hall,,

    Angaha, ‘Eua

    Phone: 676 50600

    Fua'amotu International Airport



    Phone: 676 35224

    SIC - Ma'ufanga

    By Pass Road,

    Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu

    Phone: 676 24345

    Contact details of our sub-agent locations (only offers Western Union service):

    Kolianita Store


    ‘Amelia Maama Store


    Lotoma’a Gas Station


    Send and receive money at our flagship locations in Tonga

    Fexco Pacific offers Western Union in its numerous flagship locations across Tonga.

    Refer to our Contact Details of Flagship Locations.

    Western Union services are also available in our sub-agent locations.

    Refer to our Contact Details of Sub-Agent Locations.

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