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    Culture and relaxation in a beautiful tropical laid-back environment. What better way to enjoy a holiday getaway than to be on an island that has a lot to offer from activities such as diving, fishing, snorkelling with the local marine life, enjoying fun lagoon cruises that show off the pristine blue clear waters.

    Hiking through great mountains that have views you would want to admire all day then unwinding at an evening spent gazing upon stunning performances at a local Island Night show; so much more to offer in this Paradise called the Cook Islands. To unwinding in perfect blue lagoons to exploring the mountains of tropical lush scenery or to more adventures whether in sea or land. This tropical Island of the Cook Islands has everything you need to live your best holiday getaway.

    Clear blue beautiful lagoons full of marine life to explore while swimming, snorkelling, diving and even onboard lagoon cruises. Unwind all day and night upon white sandy beaches whilst basking in that tropical sunlight. Most hotels, resorts and cafes can offer you kayaks to paddle boards just to soak up the surface of clear waters and blue skies.

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